All of our services are related to the creative process surrounding product and service innovation. We help companies at different stages to move through the cycle of Research >>> Development >>> Execution. Our goal is for you to constantly move forward, learn something new and build capabilities.
There are 3 main focus areas in which we can support you. They are connected and flow into each other to form a constant cycle of improvement. Depending on where in the innovation cycle you are, you’ll have other burning questions and therefore another area will be right for you.

1. Observe & Listen >>> Discover Opportunities >>> Develop Concepts

How do we talk to our audience to collect valuable insights about their true needs? 

How do we turn these insights into opportunities for new products and services?

What digital services and/or products will enhance our customer’s experience? 

How can we get inspired by our peers, competitors and seemingly unrelated industries to expand, evolve our product and/or service portfolio?

Whether you are looking for new ideas or already have a product, in order to grow you need to observe and learn from the world around you. This is not just about talking to customers and industry experts, it’s also about listening and asking the right questions — what you can learn from a single conversation with a user can potentially change the course of your ideas or product! Observation is also about finding inspiration in analogous and seemingly unrelated environments and exploring new technologies. The knowledge gained from these experiences become new, powerful insights, which lead to improvements of an existing offering or concepts for new products/services - a truly powerful process.

Here’s how we can help you get there:

  • Empathy Day: discover the power of talking to your customers
  • Empathy Week: dive deeper into your customer needs
  • Blue Ocean Workshop: an exploration into your new market opportunities
  • Customer & Market Research + Insight workshop
  • 2. Develop Concepts  >>> Explore Ideas >>> Make Prototypes/Products

    How to turn customer insights into opportunities for new products/services?
How to turn these product/service ideas into tangible prototypes, which can be used to communicate with the target audience? (internal or external)

    How do we accelerate product/service development?
How do we establish an internal innovation process?
What new technologies can we utilize to implement new products/service?

    You may already have some ideas around new products or services. But for ideas to grow and mature they must become tangible prototypes that can be experienced and experimented with. Building a prototype is an excellent opportunity to discover missing pieces and to validate your assumptions. Once a concept becomes concrete, new questions appear. Answering these, and repeating the process, leads to new conclusions and improvements.

    We can get you there, with these services:

  • Innovation Week: ideation & prototyping with your team
  • Innovation Quarter: 3 months of intense in-house product prototyping & development
  • UX design & Prototyping for specific project
  • 3. Create Prototypes/Products >>> Show & Tell >>> Observe & Listen

    How to demonstrate our new ideas to get valuable feedback?

    How do we get customers excited about our new product/service?
How to bring our new ideas to market?

    You already have a great prototype or product, but for it to become a success you need to tell and demonstrate the story behind it in an authentic and engaging way: ‘Why does this product exist?’ ‘What problem does it solve?’ ‘What is its value?’ The way you communicate needs to excite and spark curiosity in all your stakeholders — we can help you get there, here’s how:

  • Beyond Branding: an exploration into your brand’s personality and your communication strategy
  • Storytelling: together we explore your Why? How? and What? and spin it into an engaging story
  • Simplifying the Complex: discover how to explain your complex ideas in a simple way through information design
  • Touchpoint Design: we map and design on-and-offline touch points you have with your customers
    Do you want to learn more about our services, or have other ideas about how we can help you?
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