travel iago is a tech startup supporting travelers in exploring foreign cultures. Its first product, a mobile app, lets users explore the local cuisine based on their food preferences. It then translates their custom order into the local language. Their ambitious vision? “No more tour busses!” Awesome.
Loving the idea, we couldn’t wait to help them achieve this feat.

The Solution
Joining travel iago from the onset, we took the lead in all design-related matters. To understand challenges and user needs we used elements of Design Thinking, and organized workshops while conducting in-depth field testing. All knowledge from these activities was fed back into the UI and UX design of the app.

It was clear that community building was at the heart of all activities. Therefore a strong and consistent brand was necessary. And we’re happy to say that we’ve developed a fun and cheerful Brand Identity, which was (and still is) the basis for the design of the website and all communication material.

We continue to work with travel iago on a permanent basis and, together, are developing new and exciting products all the time.

Goodbye tour buses…

travel iago from travel iago on Vimeo.