Mapping innovation for Cisco Systems to align goals and bring visionary ideas to life.

Teams working on innovative ideas and projects are very passionate about their solutions. This excitement is necessary to overcome uncertainties and stay motivated through the rigours of long-term tasks. From this other new and exciting ideas are born, but this can also lead to losing sight of the bigger context.

Cisco Intercloud Services, a leader in IT and the largest networking company in the world, is working on projects which look to change the way software is designed, written, deployed and run. These include Project Mantl, Shipped, App Intent and Contiv.

As visionary projects, it is not always clear which direction they need to move forward. To further complicate, they are created by multiple globally distributed teams making it difficult to align goals and maintain a clear overview. To help Cisco fully realise these ideas, Remember to Play designed and facilitated a strategy workshop that mapped the various R&D projects along the whole supply chain of software development.. Seeing their projects in this light sparked ideas and discussions about potential strategy changes, revealed where the project teams were not aligned with one another and helped make decisions about next steps.

The strategy workshop took place at the CTO’s office in St.Louis in December 2015. See below impressions from the workshop and visuals, which helped the team to see their work in a new context.  




Kenneth Owens (CTO Cisco Intercloud Services) mapping products on the software supply chain map.