Envisioning the Future of Cloud Native Applications with industry experts and thought leaders.

As the world becomes more complex, we need to find new ways of talking about visionary ideas. Visuals are a powerful way to simplify complexity and focus attention on what really matters.

The new standards of software development and intelligent applications running in the cloud have yet to be defined. For the move from monolithic applications towards microservice applications to become a reality, we need visionaries in the industry to not only be able to explain their ideas but also inspire their teams and the whole industry.

Cisco’s work in the field of programmable infrastructure (Projects Mantl and Shipped) is part of this major transition, and Kenneth Owens (CTO of Cisco Intercloud Services) approached Remember to Play to help realize this.

An interactive ‘making-of-process’ rewarded all parties with visuals that went well beyond illustrating the inner workings of the technical solutions. Together we were able to envision and showcase these revolutionary projects in a clear and informative way.

Below are a sample of diagrams created for the Cisco Live! event in Berlin that were carefully crafted using this imaginative process.