Prototyping a visionary weather application that predicts conditions and informs drivers about potential problems.

We are moving towards a future where everything is connected. We are only beginning to understand the applications of IoT and Big Data and how they can be used to improve our lives. But simply collecting terabytes of data is not enough, we need to figure out how to effectively process huge amounts of data, and how we can turn this raw data into something beneficial.  

Meteomatics is a Swiss company developing innovative weather forecasts tools and software for the energy and trading sector.  One of their R&D projects is researching how drones could be used to improve weather forecasts.

The Meteodrone is an innovative technology that enables a new dimension in the measurement of pollutants. The “flying weather station” measures weather parameters exactly there, where they are taking place. (for more info please check here)

The application prototype we designed and build in collaboration with Meteomatics and Container Solutions was used to show a potential use cases for data collected by weather drones.