Container Solutions (CS) is an IT consultancy that develops highly complex programmable infrastructure. The challenge? Nearly no one could actually understand what it is they do. Neither did we when we started out!

So, how could CS explain to their clients and peers in a clear, easily-understandable way their data-rich and dynamic systems? That’s when remember to play came in(to play) and brought CS’s ideas to life. And we are happy to say that we finally understand what it is that CS does, well, sort of.

The Solution
This project is a great example of how closely we work with our clients (and how we never shy away from a challenge). To help CS it was necessary to gain a good understanding of what it is they do. This wasn’t simply about producing beautiful and interesting visual content. The content needed to be accurate and communicate very specialised knowledge.

Through close collaboration we quickly grasped the ins and outs of CS and brought in a fresh, unbiased designer mindset to the process, which resulted in something truly unique.

Our collaboration with CS is ongoing.