Remember to Play is a digital innovation consultancy and design studio with a passion for bringing ideas to life. As a mix of strategists, designers, architects, marketers and engineers we developed our own mash-up methodology, a fusion of diverse skillsets and proven approaches —like ‘lean startup’, ‘design thinking’, ‘rapid prototyping’, and ‘user centric design’—in order to  help your company grow. Through a hands-on, explorative process we think together to envision the future of your company and the steps needed to get there. Once we have helped your ideas hatch, grow and mature into great products we work with you to create a strategy that instills a culture of creativity and innovation. This way, when our work is done, your ideas and concepts can continue to flourish.


Learn from your customers

We strongly believe in the untapped potential of customer insights. Customer research has gained more and more traction in recent years, but few companies actually get it right. It’s not enough to simply ask customers what they want. It’s the right questions about their lives, habits and (seemingly) unrelated topics that lead to unexpected discoveries about needs. Not every insight leads to a great product idea, but by applying creative models and design thinking tools we can harvest learnings and uncover valuable opportunities.

Doing = Thinking

In order to bring an idea to life it is necessary to make it tangible. Once we have a surplus of insights, we test the learnings with your target group and decide on next steps. Following a creative burst, it is necessary to filter, prioritize and converge on the most promising ideas. To make the right decisions we create quick & dirty prototypes, which can be tested internally and externally.

"Quick & Dirty" is better than "Slow & Perfect"

The speed of innovation (your Time to Market) is a key differentiator in a crowded and highly competitive market. Often what stops a great idea from flourishing is when we think it has to be absolutely perfect. Using a ‘Quick & Dirty’ approach allows us to rapidly test ideas and run multiple iterations of a prototype in order to see it in action.

Co-creation is Key

After your customers and competitors, it is your team that knows most about the market and its potential. This is why all of our projects are based on co-creation - we want you on board! Not only to join our efforts, but mostly to build your own innovation practice. But don’t worry. Creativity is not just reserved for designers and artists. With the right input, process and attitude anyone can become an idea machine.

Authenticity connects

Your customers and users can tell instantly if something isn’t genuine. We believe that real customer relationships come from authentic brands and engaging communication, and we can help you get there.

To learn more about our work watch our CEO Marta talk at the Software Circus Winter Wonderland conference in Amsterdam in December 2016.

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